ASA today has built a lead team of business professionals who not only have a deep understanding of client's needs but also keep the organization energized, focused and on-the-go while inspiring achievement, fostering commitment and motivating to deliver what our customers need. Our employees are hand-picked, both for competence and attitude. Being not just IT savvy but business savvy as well, they are trained to listen to our clients' needs and respond appropriately.


ASA provides excellent ROI on its projects and services primarily because:

  • ASA is focused on professional service. This makes us optimally positioned to deliver firm-centric solutions.
  • ASA takes a holistic approach to understanding the role of strategy, applications, and technology within the organization and therefore we can see related symptoms and effects of nonfunctioning processes and can look for effective ways to optimize the overall environment.
  • ASA focuses on the work flow and critical processes of the organization. This approach allows us to assist with improving business processes and therefore improving the efficiencies.
  • ASA Service Offerings are fully integrated. Each can be utilized stand-alone, or for greatest effectiveness, with a full suite of complementary service offerings.
  • ASA Business Consultants and Technology Analysts have many years of experience and have long-term relationships with our clients.
  • ASA has a commitment to on-time delivery of all deliverables, materials, and processes to facilitate client success.
  • ASA maintains the highest level of consistent approach to delivery of services and the application of proven methodologies and frameworks.