Arav System Associates a leading provider of business and technology consulting services specializes in designing, implementing and managing IT strategic business solutions that accelerate growth by aligning a firms processes, infrastructure, strategy and culture with a clear understanding of the current and future wants and needs of clients and prospects. The mantra of today business and professional services companies is lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). Your IT hardware and software is one of the first areas to consider.

Social Responsibility

ASA attaches great importance to discharging its overall social responsibilities to the community and the society at large. This is demonstrated throughout its business, social and philanthropic activities. While all ASA employees are encouraged to participate individually. We realize how fortunate we truly are and recognize our call to act on behalf of those less fortunate.

Social Investment

ASA believes in supporting to rural and economically depressed areas, we see this as a way to sow the seeds of hope and prosperity both far and wide.


ASA contributes to following charity organizations. Some of those are:

  • American Diabetes Association
  • UPMC Children Foundation
  • Cancer Reserach Center UPMC
  • Red Cross Society Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Rural Education in Siraha Nepal

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