In our continuous effort to create value for our clients, employees and other esteemed relationships with whom we interact and do business, ASA has its infrastructure with global standards. With a prime importance towards being able to quickly ramp up / down as per the customer needs our ISP can increase the available bandwidth to 2 Mbps on demand.

Some of he key features of infrastructure at ASA's offshore center are:

High-speed Communication Links
Redundant high speed (Max - 2Mbps) links to the internet
Backup ISDN dial-up lines
Data, Voice and Video Communication over internet
Battery & generator power backed UPS, RAID and hot swappable HDD's ensure uninterrupted 24x7 operation
Server / Workstation access control only to authorized personnel. In addition the server room access has stringent security and audits. Data security has been of the primary aspect considered while setting up our offshore IT infrastructure.

Intel servers: NT/Linux
Sun servers: HP & Solaris
Intel workstations: Linux / Windows

Offices: ASA has a its virtual offices in New Jersy, Sydney and Kathmandu.Your IT network needs to work the way it should, all the time, so you can focus on your core business tasks. The ASA will go the extra mile to meet all of your small to medium-sized business IT support needs and exceed all of your expectations by providing you with excellent customer care. When choosing the best IT company for your business, consider hiring a complete IT support company like ASA.


Network Operations Center (NOC)

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is the early warning system that ASA relies upon for fault and performance monitoring of your IT network. The NOC is staffed around the clock where technicians supervise clients' remote monitoring system for alerts that indicate trouble with servers, routers, switches, firewalls, and applications. If a problem is detected, technicians will assess the problem and perform basic troubleshooting. If basic troubleshooting doesn't solve the problem, it will be escalated to the Client Service Center (CSC). In addition to supervising your IT network, NOC also takes care of remote ASA Care ACC checklist work as well as remote patch management and device reboots.


Client Service Center (CSC)

The Client Service Center (CSC) is responsible for handling remote client requests for network and desktop issues that are of an urgent, same-day-resolution nature. You have access to CSC support by calling our customer hotline, contacting us through the ASA web site or by emailing us whenever you have an urgent problem that needs quick resolution. In addition to client-initiated requests, the CSC also handles support requests from your local ASA team and from the NOC. To better serve your IT network needs, the CSC offers 24 hour a day, seven days a week coverage.

Our new and centralized NOC and CSC will complement our standard support offerings that your business already receives and provide your company with three additional key benefits that will ensure that you get the top-quality support that you expect from ASA.


Offshore Development Center(ODC)

Flexibility of being able to access a large pool of resources working on various technologies. Flexibility of increasing and decreasing the teams at a short notice. Flexibility to have the offshore team come onsite at a short notice. Flexibility to select the team jointly from the best IT brains handpicked from IT Industry Higher availability of our team at ODC to manage contingencies as we work 6 days a week and available at odd hours even on Sundays for emergencies. The team can also work at normal office timings in your country. Team at our ODC is trained to understand the culture of your country, thereby leading to better communication and co-ordination across the teams. Based on varied ODC experience, the S/W development processes are designed to comply with the industry's best practices and standards, enabling total transparency, access & control of your team at the ODC.

We have comprehensive security policies in place covering multiple levels of security by laying emphasis on IPR, NDA (with clients), reciprocal NDA (with employees), Secured network access via VPN to authorized employees and clients, data encryption etc. At ODC, we not only do designing, development and modifications for your software development needs, but we also setup a 24x7 ongoing voice/non-voice based tech. Support. We also setup back-office workforce to help optimize your operational costs, thereby enabling you to operate your business in the most cost effective manner. We offer flexible engagement contract, leading to managed business risks.