ASA consultant can sit down with your management team, IT group and technology end users to determine if you are keeping IT costs down, while providing an enabling technology environment that supports your workforce and clients. ASA technology review is not just about keeping up with the latest technology trends, it is about making sure that your IT asset portfolio is being managed properly. An IT services provider can help you with the following:

Virtualization- IT companies can help your business extend the lifespan of older desktop computers by virtualizing their operating systems on servers. With the right hardware, many of your servers can also be virtualized. Virtualization can save you from spending money on new hardware and reduce the administrative overhead of supporting many physical machines by consolidating multiple machines onto a few servers.

Standardization- An IT consulting company can help you choose the best operating system and applications for your company. This saves time administering to your IT environment and makes it easier for staff to share documents without worrying about compatibility issues. Training time is reduced since there is only one operating system and fewer programs in use.

Training- IT services providers can help you pick out a training application that makes it easy for you to quickly create training videos and deliver them to employees as an on-demand service. This assures that all of your employees have convenient access to the same training.

ASA has developed a proprietary methodology for assessing an organization's existing IT infrastructure, applications and work flow. Let's get started, most technology reviews and planning sessions can be started and completed in less than two months. Give us a call, or request a quote online - click here.

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