ITIL and IT-CMF Framework Process Based Solutions and Services

ASA follows ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and IT-CMF (Information Technology capability Maturity Framework) standards for all our service offerings 

The IT Infrastructure Library documents industry best practice guidance. The models show the goals, general activities, inputs and outputs of the various processes, which can be incorporated within IT organizations. ITIL focuses on best practice that can be utilized in different ways according to the need.
Thanks to this framework of proven best practices, the IT Infrastructure Library can be used within organizations with existing methods and activities in Service Management. By emphasizing the relationships between the processes, any lack of communication and co-operation between various IT functions can be eliminated or minimized.

ITIL provides a proven method for planning common processes, roles and activities with appropriate reference to each other and how the communication lines should exist between them. Generic benefits includes following:

-Improved quality service provision;
-Cost justifiable service quality;
-Services that meet Business, Customer and User demands;
-Integrated centralized processes;
-Individual roles and responsibilities in service provision;
-Learning from previous experience;
-Demonstrable performance indicators. 

Integrated service delivery refers to the need for Configuration Management, Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management and Release Management processes that are linked together in a meaningful manner. These processes fall under the Operational and Tactical Layer as given in the table. They are as follows:

-Operational Layer 
-Configuration Management 
-Service Desk Management 
-Incident & Problem Management
-Change Management
-Release Management
-Tactical Layer
-Service Level Management 
-Availability Management
-Capacity Management
-Continuity Management
-Financial Management

IT strategic Planning, Transformation and cost saving thru Outsourcing Services

Our Credentials
-Pioneers in IT consulting and services
-Standardized, best-in-class tools for monitoring of your complete IT infrastructure and incident management
-Technical personnel with Proven track record and in depth domain expertise and certification in the security Arean and other domain
-ITIL and IT-CMFbased processes

ASA IT assessment which helps you identify business assets that are at the highest risk, establish objective value, assess potential vulnerabilities and impacts, and propose safeguards and mitigation tactics. Your business will benefit from:

-Prioritize and set risk thresholds for your critical business processes and resources
-Evaluate risk management tactics and costs associated with different levels of protection
-Broaden your focus from mitigating risk to proactively preventing failures
-Demonstrate due diligence in risk management
-Establish audit readiness for regulatory and industry watchdog agencies
-Make informed decisions on how best to protect your business

ASA risk and vulnerability assessment helps you gain a better understanding of exposures related to physical and logical IT assets that can cause a business interruption or degradation in service - including the identification of internal exposures and self-induced threats. The assessment helps prioritize and set standardized risk thresholds for your critical business processes and resources, and evaluate risk management tactics and costs associated with different levels of protection. This enables you to broaden your focus from mitigating risk to proactively preventing loss of business or information assets.

Value Proposition
-Transforming services and aligning to business strategy
-Offshore strategy and service consolidation to achieve immediate cost savings
-Leverage IT and systems integration to achieve operational excellences and cost reduction
-Customizable to accommodate various customer scenarios, including hostile takeovers
-Supported by established transition program management framework to mitigate various transition risks
-Focus on service quality improvement through ITIL to achieve business KPI
-Proven transition framework that are well-defined with quality gates and defined deliverable


Bigger Picture with IT Performance Benchmark

IT Performance Benchmark offers measurements that allow you to automatically evaluate your IT performance with concrete facts and numbers. On a daily basis, the IT Performance Benchmark calculates statistics and ratios for four time frames: current month, last month, current year, and last year. Gain a global perspective on your IT department's performance and Assess your strengths and make informed business decisions to achieve true IT success. 

IT Infrastructure Assessment

Arav System Associates can perform an objective assessment of your network that identifies risks and weaknesses, and offers practical solutions. ASA can conduct a technology assessment of your IT requirements and current infrastructure to help determine if virtualization can save your organization money, while increasing IT efficiencies. Arav Systems Associates is your outsourced IT department, and can scale from small to large projects, depending on your needs. We will customize a support plan that is tailored to your environment and meets and exceeds the specific needs for your technology management and support. Project management services including a project management plan, project schedule and ongoing project reporting. Analysis of the as-is business, technical and physical operating environment related to your deployment and development of solution requirements and expected outcomes. Development of a solution architecture and design. Development of a solution specification that contains business requirements and goals; key business use cases; solution components and configurations; solution architecture and detailed physical architecture; solution impact, implementation and test plans and success criteria. Continuous support before, during and after every implementation.

You may cancel your contract at any time (We ask only the courtesy of a 15 day notice) and Free telephone support 24/7.


I have an IT project and need a little help.We have experts in all major technologies and if you need help with a specific technology, we have the right expert to quickly and affordably take care of whatever project you may have.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence solutions are complex, however, and companies have found that they need a great deal of support to manage and optimize. Retailers, banks, and financial services firms, in particular, have made large investments in business intelligence product suites.
ASA has extensive experience in running and maximizing the major business intelligence solutions from vendors such as Cognos, BRIO, Microstrategy, Informatica, Hyperion, SAS, Information Builders, Business Objects, Applix, and Oracle.

Data Warehousing

Building a data warehouse is critical for companies in competitive industries. The data warehouses must be flexible and scalable to support millions of terabytes. Users must have fast and easy access to the data to analyze trends and respond quickly as opportunities appear. ASA takes a strong pragmatic approach, in order to design, deploy, and manage a successful data warehouse and decision support strategy. The process starts with strategy development and review. This focuses around the strategic and tactical objectives of the organization, what each division needs, and data acquisition opportunities. Next step is that of logical and physical architecture design for decision support environments which is based around building a consistent, useful repository.ASA ensures that the server platform elements, middleware, and client tools all fit in with the existing infrastructure.

Quality Assurance

Billions of dollars are wasted every year due to applications that do not work, are faulty, or do not perform adequately. Quality assurance is a critical concern for companies that either produce commercial software or develop internal applications. In order to ensure that their people are productive and that customers are satisfied, companies need to implement quality assurance programs.
It makes sense to outsource the quality assurance processes to highly skilled QA companies like ASA. At ASA, the quality assurance process includes test plan development, software requirements verification, application integration, regression, and performance testing and load or stress testing. If the company is global or the customer base is worldwide, ASA also handles internationalized software testing.With the advances in automated software testing in the past few years, the need for skilled operators of automated testing tools from Rational (IBM), Mercury Interactive, and Compuware is critical for companies that need to deliver robust, fully functioning applications. ASA's quality assurance professionals are skilled at the entire software quality assurance processes, and can help you design, deploy, and manage your software QA processes.

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