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Automate service level management and achieve fast implementation times delivered by our experts with confidence, quality, stability and speed

Traditional management of contractual service level agreements is prone to error, labor intensive and costly. By speeding the implementation of CA Oblicore Guarantee, you can provide faster visibility into service-level agreements (SLAs), operational-level agreements (OLAs) and underpinning contracts (UCs) and proactively manage and measure service delivery across business and technology infrastructures. Obliocre is designed for open connectivity to virtually any data sources, with integration to business system and application and infrastructure monitoring tools from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, HP, BMC and other Providers. Oblicore that can offer business oriented service management including details related to the service contract, collaboration during the negotiation process, and analytics to represent service delivery results in a dashboard format. Oblicore's strength are well suitaed to bridge the IT/Buisness gap by capitalizing on existing management data, business driven service definition and analytics to demonstrate service delivery results at each service lifecycle phase.
By letting our experts help you implement your software or expand existing implemetations, you will help your business improve its enterprise and service performance, achieve quicker return on its investment and be able to redeploy resources to more important tasks. With many years of experience and tenths of successful projects completed, feel confident that your investment in CA Oblicore Guarantee will deliver the results your organization needs with value and precision.

As an Oblicore BSI Implementer and/or Administrator you often come across situations where you have to perform "simple" tasks that require a lot of processing time and special knowledge (GUI, Architecture, DB access, running scripts etc.) or cannot be executed at all without serious expertise and special authorizations due to their nature and the tool's limitations.
These tasks range from trivial data/info collection from the various environments and components of the tool (hence, normally involving a lot of people - administrators, managers etc.), to elaborate mass scheduling of reports and booklets, ACE instance management and load balancing etc.

As Oblicore Consultants & Engineers since 2008, we acquired valuable experience facing such tasks on a daily basis. Experience that gave us the know-how to build a suite of time & money saving tools that cover almost every need of the implementer and/or administrator of Oblicore Guarantee installations. you can minimize project execution time, enhance daily usage of OG and make administration easy enough to be done by persons with no special skills and need for extensive training.

Key Oblicore Guarantee Administration Task list of  in detail below:

General Information Get useful information such as:
• Environment Info: OG version, Operating system, Host's IP, Oracle version, Time Zone etc.
Makes it easy to collect valuable information from separate systems and minimizes the need to contact various administrators.
• System Statistics: Number of Contract Parties, Contracts, Rules, Penalties, Resources, Resource Versions, Reports, Dashboards, Alert Profiles, Exceptions, Corrections, Service Domains, Domain Categories etc.
Gives an overall view of the actual usage of OG and you can immediately see if a license extension is required in the near future.
• Database Usage Statistics: Total Space, Used Space, Free Space - in MB and %.
Proactively see if extra DB space is required.
• Tablespaces Info: List of OG Tablespaces with allocated, used and free space - in MB and %.
See which Tablespaces consume more space and proactively see if alterations are required.
• Monthly DataBase Space Usage: Monthly DB growth.
You can see what your DB's monthly growth rate is (caused by new Raw Data & Calculated Results) and foresee if you are going to need more DB space in the near future and by what time.
• Calculation Cycle Status: Calculation Progress in absolute number of agents and %.
See what is the PSL (Process Service Label) Writer's calculation cycle progress instantly, without logging into OG.
Raw Data Management
Delete Raw Data within a selected timeframe by:
• Adapter
• Event Type
• Resource
• Combinations of the above
This will help the administrator to delete wrongly inserted or old and no longer necessary data and the implementer to dispose of test data in an easy, fast and safe way.
Recalculation Management
Trigger Mandatory Rules' Recalculation from a selected date by:
• Customer
• Rule
• Combinations of the above
This will help the administrator and implementer to trigger ad-hoc recalculations in cases of raw data deletion (see previous paragraph), parameter value changing etc. which do NOT trigger automatic recalculation.
Resource Management
Delete Resources & Resource Groups even if they have already been used in calculations.
You cannot do that from OG's GUI and it's extremely hard and dangerous to do it from the DB directly (many tables are involved). This feature is quite useful especially for implementers to eliminate every trace of test Resources and for administrators to remove Resources that are no longer used etc.
Entities Management
Edit some of OG's entities that you cannot change from OG's GUI once they are used in contracts.
Some examples:
• Event Types:
o Add/Remove Fields
o Change Field Type
• Domain Category: Change the Unit Of Measurement, Limit Type (upper/lower) etc.
• Time Zone: Change TZ details
• Rules:
o Add/Remove Granularities
o Change Cluster Type (for Clustered Metrics)
These features save the implementer enormous time since the only way to achieve the above is to create new versions of these entities from scratch and replace the old ones in existing contracts.
Reports & Booklets Schedule Management
Mass Scheduling of Reports and Booklets is a common request by many OG users, especially for large organizations with many customers. Scheduling of many reports/booklets in OG is a time consuming procedure because the user has to schedule each report/booklet one by one. So, in cases where for example 500 booklets have to be scheduled, it will take one person many days to accomplish such a task.
By scheduled report/booklet which will be used as a template and will give the user the option to select many customers and contracts and "copy" the schedule from the template to each and every one of them. Simple and Fast.
Exporting & Importing
Various Export & Import features such as:
• Export implementations and Import them to another environment. Choose export depth (include or exclude Raw Data, PSL Calculations etc.). No more scripts, no more DBA involvement (apart from the "sys" password during the Import procedure). Even a novice user can do it.
• Export the entire Framework of the current implementation to Excel. This helps the implementer (original or new) to understand fully what has been implemented so far in every detail and saves valuable time from browsing through OG. Once the Framework is exported to Excel it can be sent to Professional Services and/or Support without them having to log in to the actual system. It can also be used by Customer's Managers in order to review what has been delivered so far and plan next additions etc.
ACE Management
Install/Uninstall additional PSL Writer Instances and move contracts from one to another in an easy and fast way that even a novice user could follow. No need to know cumbersome commands and SQL statements in order to have multiple PSL Writer Instances that will help improve calculation procedures and balance the engine's load. For example, put your "Gold" SLAs to a separate PSL Writer instance for faster and more reliable calculations and leave the rest of your SLAs to another one that can be switched on/off while important SLAs are being processed.

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