Any Analytics, Any Data, Simplified - A platform architected for the future of your business

Our consultants use Informatica and Pentaho to automate data loads and develop a seamless connection between source and destination. This enables the organization to achieve a higher degree of Data Quality. Pentaho addresses the barriers that block your organization's ability to get value from all your data. Our platform simplifies preparing and blending any data and includes a spectrum of tools to easily analyze, visualize, explore, report and predict. Open, embeddable and extensible, Pentaho is architected to ensure that each member of your team - from developers to business users - can easily translate data into value.

With an overwhelming list of regulatory requirements in any industry and an ever increasing amount and variety of customer data -- it is no surprise that the world's largest institutions are looking to use Data Integration and Analytics tools to help deliver 360-degree insight.


Any User, Use Case or Data Type

A unified platform of data integration and analytics tools provides the flexibilty, extensibility and scalability to meet the needs of both IT and business users, supporting the broadest set of roles, use case requirements and data types. 


Identify Growth, Attract and Retain Customers

Leverage customer data to discover new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Target high value clients with personalized promotions and custom recommendations.


Optimize Operations 

Streamline analytical processes and eliminate the need for manual steps, specialized resources and overall complexity.

Enhance risk management systems with broader and deeper data analysis and reporting - delivered through seamless big data integration.

Improve the stability of ATM networks with an easy to use reporting and analytics layer that can handle massive amounts of network and log data.


Mitigate Risk, Detect Fraud and Ensure Compliance 

Ensure regulatory compliance and quickly detect fraud to prevent abuse and curb money laundering.

Analyze the behavior of sophisticated market risk models, explore complex financial instruments, and identify predictions for future investments.

Manage mortgage portfolio valuations by quickly and accurately identifying which loans are at risk of prepayment or default.

How do you want to use the platform?

For Business Analytics

Make information-driven decisions that positively impact your company’s performance


For Big Data

Harvest the meaningful patterns buried in large volumes of structured and unstructured data


For Embedding

Seamlessly integrate business analytics into enterprise applications


For Data Integration

Access, transform and manage all your data sources for business analytics or big data


Data Governance 

The Informatica solution for data governance is the foundation for an effective data governance program. This solution ensures that enterprise data is trusted data that can be used to increase revenues, decrease operational costs, reduce risk and compliance exposure, and deliver high levels of customer satisfaction. 

-Data discovery and profiling

-Master data management

-Data lineage and data archiving


Data Migration 

The Informatica solution for data migration automates and streamlines data migration processes with a combination of technology, methodology, and services. With this solution, your IT organization can migrate data more quickly, at lower costs, and with fewer risks.

-Industry-leading data integration technology

-Proven best-practice implementation methodology

-End-to-end data migration services


Data Quality

The Informatica solution for data quality enables your company to trust all of its data—for all stakeholders, projects, and applications—at all times. This solution delivers pervasive data quality, transforming enterprise data into trusted data.

-Proactive data quality monitoring and data cleansing

-Data quality tools designed for the business

-Business and IT collaboration in maintaining data quality


Data Synchronization

The Informatica solution for data synchronization enables your IT organization to synchronize data across all operational and transactional systems. This enterprise-grade solution is designed to reuse the same business logic across data synchronization modes for high performance, greater consistency, and lower costs.

-Synchronization in batch, near real-time, and real-time modes

-Data quality monitoring and remediation

-Data security during synchronization


Data Warehousing

The Informatica solution for enterprise data warehousing enables IT departments to implement data marts and departmental data warehouses and readily scale them up to data warehousing environments. This solution accelerates data warehousing project deployment, reduces costs, and minimizes risks.  

-Single, unified data integration platform

-Proven implementation methodology

-Enterprise data warehousing professional services


Identity Resolution

Informatica solutions for identity resolution search for identities within a single database or across multiple sources and languages despite any intentional or random variations in the data. With these solutions, your IT organization can discover the connections among people, accounts, or products that might otherwise be hidden in the data.

-Real-time identity search against a single or multiple data sources

-Easily embedded or standalone identity search

-Multicountry and multilanguage identity search


Master Data Management

Informatica solutions for multidomain master data management find and remove inconsistencies and duplicates in your mission-critical data, then resolve it across formats and systems. By creating a single, timely, relevant, and trusted view of your business, these solutions for multidomain MDM enable many IT initiatives that drive business value.

-Data integration and delivery to any system in any context

-Automatic search and reconciliation of data in different formats and systems

-Single view of results across the enterprise


Service Oriented Architecture 

The Informatica solution for service-oriented architecture (SOA) provides the technology foundation for delivering trustworthy, actionable, and authoritative data as a service. This solution enhances your SOA’s ability to supply the data your business needs—when, where, and how it needs it—to stay agile and competitive.

-Flexible data integration support

-Right-time delivery of high-quality data

-Flexibility to rapidly create and change functionality