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  • Flexible Computing in Virtual Era

    •Reduced hardware costs
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    • Reduced energy used
    • More flexibility and server setup and disaster recovery
    • Less hardware and software to maintain

  • Automate service level management and reduce implementation times delivered by our experts with confidence, quality, stability and speed!

Arav System Associates (ASA) partners with various companies to plan, build and manage application software to enable their business strategies. This is accomplished through its Business Consulting, Application Development Integration (ADI), and Application Development Management (ADM). Our competitive edge is the combined strengths of our People, Processes and Technology (PPT). These strengths give us the advantage of delivering strategic value through operational efficiency, and providing cost effective, accurate, timely solutions. We realizes that right technology is the only solution to the globally growing need for quality and cost effective solutions. Customer and employee satisfaction are the driving principals of the organization. We have facilitated and continue to facilitate various aspects of the businesses of the clients.



Recent Work

Enabling Intelligent, Real-Time Decision Making -
Real-time monitoring can help adjust content based on hot topics, make on-the-fly changes to marketing campaigns and design content to improve customer engagement. Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization with Hadoop Big Data With exploding data volumes, increasing costs of the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and a raising demand for high-performance analytics, companies have no choice but to reduce the strain on their data warehouse and leverage Hadoop’s economies of scale for data processing....

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